Rocky Bob’s Handmade & Custom Fly Rods for Men and Fly Rods for Women

Rocky Bob’s Fly Fishing Rods designs and builds handmade & custom fly rods crafted for men and for women in graphite, in a variety of lengths. These handmade fly fishing rods will dance in your hand and bring your fly fishing experience to a new level. Rocky Bob’s fly fishing rods truly are handmade, one at a time, by Rocky Bob, who’s both a fly rod designer and builder, as well as a master angler. Fly rod components – including the reel seat, the cork grip, and guides – are hand-fitted to the rod for a one-of-a-kind fly fishing rod. We hope to make a special rod for you, or someone you love.

Meet Rocky Bob

Get to know Rocky Bob, a master fly rod designer & fly rod builder, and master angler

Expert Information On Fly Fishing

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Highlighted Fly Rod

The Brown: This unique, 10.5-foot graphite fly rod will become your new fav fishing rod.
Made for both men and for women.