Handmade Fly Rods For Women
From Rocky Bob's Fly Fishing Rods

fly rods for womenRocky Bob’s handmade fly rods for women address an age-old problem for women anglers: finding a fly fishing rod designed for women. Rocky Bob’s Fly Fishing Rods solves this dilemma with a beautiful, lightweight fly rod for women, crafted specifically for women who fly fish. The Rainbow fly rod (and other fly rods handmade by Rocky Bob’s Fly Fishing Rods) are handcrafted one at a time, by “Rocky” Bob Knowles. He’s a master fly rod designer and builder and master angler with a lifetime of experience in fly fishing, fly rod design, and fly rod building. Rod components are all hand-fitted to each fly fishing rod, including the reel seat, the cork grip, and the guides. Fly rods for women from Rocky Bob’s Fly Fishing Rods feature a medium flex (which helps keep the fish on the hook), fast, smooth casting, and an amazing feeling that the rod is alive in your hand.

“Rocky Bob takes the time to know what you want in a fly rod and will make it for you. He puts cork grips in your hand to see what feels best. Bob is passionate about making custom fly rods.”
– Lisa Thompson, Long-time angler, hunter & member of Cabela’s professional staff

RAINBOW Fly Rod – A handmade fly rod for women anglers
From Rocky Bob's Fishing Rods

Material: Burgundy Graphite

Length: 8.5 and 9 feet

Weight: 5 and 6

Action: Medium Flex

For: Women Anglers

Cost: $850

RAINBOW  Fly Rod – A handmade fly rod for women anglers

The Rainbow Fly Rod from Rocky Bob’s Fly Fishing Rods is a lightweight, handmade fly rod for women, with a smaller cork grip that better fits a woman’s hands.

The Rainbow fly rod from Rocky Bob’s Fly Fishing Rods is one of an elite few handmade fly rods for women, and it’s designed and built for the needs of women anglers. The Rainbow is an exceptionally lightweight fly rod that minimizes the fishing effort that women must exert when using a heavier rod designed for men. This Rainbow fly rod has a “dancing sensation” while casting so fly fishing becomes a more pleasant experience. The handle on the Rainbow fly rod for women anglers has a down locking reel seat for better weight distribution and a "best"-grade cork grip that's more slender than the traditional cork grip found men’s fly rods. There are 11 single-foot loop guides and a loop-style hook keeper. All the fly rod components are hand fitted to the rod blank, which is made in the USA. If you try to buy a fly rod like this – a fly rod designed for women on the open market, you won’t find it. Rocky Bob specifically designed this fly rod to address the needs of female anglers, and his hope is that this comfortable, functional handmade fly rod for women will empower more women and girls to become satisfied fly anglers.


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Custom Fly Rods For Women

Want A Custom Fly Rod For Yourself, or Other Women? Rocky Bob will make your very own custom fly rod, built to your specifications. Click HERE to get in touch with us about a custom fly rod, and we’ll prepare a quote based on what you want.

Our Other Fly Rods Can Be Built For Women, Too!

In addition to the Rainbow fly rod designed for women, Rocky Bob is able to take any of the other rods he has designed and add a smaller, differently shaped cork grip that better fits a woman’s hand. Please review our other fly rods on the men’s rods page, and these rods can be fitted and crafted for women.

information iconWant to learn more about fly rods for women, and what you should look for in a handmade fly rod for women? Click HERE to check out this informative article on Fly Rod Design For Women in Rocky Bob’s Knowledge Center.

Rocky Bob’s Fly Rod Warranty:
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